Do not mourn my passing, For if you could only see, By slipping all my Earthly
bonds I'm once again running free.

By day I run the Heavenly
fields, My body well and
Strong, At night I sleep
by Angels feet, Lulled by
Celestial Song.

So do not mourn my
passing, Just close your
eyes, you'll see, I'm once
again that Gallant Horse
As you remember me.

~A page dedicated to our very beloved horses now gone but never forgotten~

R.I.P. The Poderoso Ebony Knight with your beautiful baby~ January 28th 2018

We are absolutely heartbroken over the loss of this incredible 4 year old Moriesian mare and her unborn foal. She had a healthy and normal pregnancy and would have foaled a beautiful 3/4 Friesian 1/4 Morgan foal February 16th 2018.