*Moriesian Foals (Friesian/Morgan)

*AMHA Morgan Horse Foals

*Purebred Friesians


Pricing includes:

Registration, current Coggins and Health Certificate (if purchasing from out of State ONLY) and a Utah Brand Inspection


*Friesian Cross Foals start at $5,500

*AMHA purebred Morgan foals start at $2,500

*Friesian Foals start at $8,000


*Moriesian Foals are registered with the Moriesian Horse Registry (Moriesians may also be dual registered with the Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International at buyers expense)

*Friesian Foals are registered with FHANA or Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International

*Morgan Foals are registered with the American Morgan Horse Association

Purchasing a Poderoso Foal before weaning or Reserving an in Utero Foal requires a $1,000 Non-Refundable deposit with an accompanying Purchase Agreement. Payments can then be made at anytime until weaning process is complete. For the individuality of the foals weaning time varies and is started at our discretion. Foal(s) must be paid in full before being allowed to leave Poderoso! Payments and/or Deposits can be made via PayPal by clicking the "Buy Now" button below, direct Cash in hand, or Mailed Cashiers Check.
**Please Note** Finding the "best possible" home for each one of our foals is very important to us. Please contact us so we may help determine suitability before placing a deposit!  

Current Sales




Foaled March 1st, 2018

Poderoso's Silver Genesis is a 2018 Black Silver Moriesian (Morgan-Friesian) Colt. He is confirmed through UC Davis as a Black Silver and as far as we know he is the only Black Silver Moriesian. His name Genesis stands for the creation or beginning of something. Silver is the largest Moriesian we have produced to date. He is very heavy boned with a lovely full body! He is registered with the Moriesian Registry, can be dual registered with FHH. He was imprinted at birth and handled weekly. He is easy to catch, handle, groom, load and haul. He has been kept utd on farrier and de-wormer. This colt is rare and truly may be one of a kind. He will make a great family horse as he is very gentle, he also has the needed qualities to remain a stallion. Kept a stallion, he has a 50% chance of producing a Silver Dapple foal every time he's bred. 


Poderoso's Ebony Moon
Filly Foaled Easter Sunday 4-1-2018

Poderoso's Ebony Moon aka Tinee is weaned and ready for her forever home. She is registered with the Moriesian horse Registry and can be dual registered with Friesian Heritage Horse. Tinee was imprinted at birth and has been handled several times a week since. She is great to catch, lead, groom, load and handle. She is kept utd on farrier and de-wormer. Tinee is a beautiful lofty mover and will make a stunning Dressage mount. She is very gentle and easy going and will also make an outstanding all around family mount.

Confirmed in Foal for 2019

This will be a very lovely Morgan foal... Sire is 14.3 with the Dam standing 15.2hh!

Color Possibilities are:

50% Black

50% Grulla

This foal can be purchased in Utero contact us for details...

This is a very exciting cross with very fun and rare color possibilities...
25% Brown
25% Brown Dun
25% Brown Dun Silver
25% Brown Silver

This foal is not available for in Utero purchase...

A long awaited breeding!!! This is a very exciting cross for us as we are crossing 2 Morgans that we have long admired and now are able to produce a foal from... Color Possibilities for this foal are:

12.50% Buckskin

12.50% Smokey Black 

12.50% Bay Dun

12.50% Grulla 

12.50% Bay

12.50% Dunskin

12.50% Black

12.50% Smokey Grulla

This foal is not available for in Utero purchase...

Ragtime Dun D X Filigree in Sterling! This is such an exciting cross... Iggy (Filigree in Sterling) has produced Silver foals both times she has been bred. Mic aka Ragtime Dun D has produced Dun on 76% of his foals. Those are pretty good odds for a Silver Grulla! Iggy and Mic are both all around family horses, this Morgan foal will be an absolute gem!


25% Black

25% Black Silver

25% Grulla

25% Silver Grulla