Want to Reserve an Upcoming Foal?

Reserving an upcoming foal is easy and exciting! 

You can reserve a foal from any of our upcoming available crosses with a non-refundable $500.00 dollar deposit and contract. If you do not get the desired foal from the breeding cross you selected, you may transfer your deposit to another available foal or to the next foaling season. Color probability will be noted under each breeding pair. This will help assist in what colors are possible with each pair, however gender is always a surprise! With your deposit and contract you will have 2 foaling seasons (2 years) to hopefully get the "Foal of your Dreams".  All foals come registered, first 2-3 doses of de-wormer, current on farrier, a halter and lead and a Utah brand inspection. (Our foals are "not" branded this is just required by the State of Utah). (We also haul and cover the expense of a Health Certificate and Coggins test as required for an out of state sale.) Once weaning time is complete this makes your foal 100% ready for their new forever home! Our mares are brought into small corrals with run-in lean toos for foaling. We are present for almost all our foals arrival and imprint them as soon as possible. Once they are a few weeks old and have been handled extensively they are turned out onto 40 acres of sand pockets, rocky hills and water crossings. They are brought in weekly from the time they foal for handling, grooming, leading, short tying lessons etc.. Throughout the summer I haul them several times to an outdoor arena which I use to take regular photo updates and video. We also haul different foals with their dams to the high mountain range to follow along checking cows. The foals get as much exposure as possible! If interested in reserving a foal please fill out the form at the very bottom of the page. 

Foal Prices are as Follows:

Friesian Foals: $8,000

Moriesian Foals: $6,500

Morgan Foals: $2,500-$5,500)

(Because we are striving for Duns, Silvers and the rare Silver Dun in our Morgan Foals. They are not priced until they foal and are priced in the above range).


*Moriesian Foals are registered with the Moriesian Horse Registry (Moriesians may also be dual registered with the Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International)

*Friesian Foals are registered with FHANA or Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International

*Morgan Foals are registered with the American Morgan Horse Association

Coming 2019 Foals

Foal Reservation # 1
Due March 2019

Color possibilities...

25% Brown
25% Brown Dun
25% Brown Dun Silver
25% Brown Silver

Foal Reservation # 2

Due April 2019

Color possibilities...

12.50% Buckskin

12.50% Smokey Black 

12.50% Bay Dun

12.50% Grulla 

12.50% Bay

12.50% Dunskin

12.50% Black

12.50% Smokey Grulla

Foal Reservation # 3

Due May 2019

Color Possibilities...

50% Black

50% Grulla

Foal Reservation # 4

Due May 2019

Color Possibilities...

25% Black

25% Black Silver

25% Grulla

25% Silver Grulla 

Coming 2020 Foals
more to be announced

Due: TBD
Color Possibilities...
50% Black
50% Grulla

If interested in Reserving one of our foals, please fill out the form below! Thank you

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