Did you know?

The Akita is one of seven breeds designated as a national monument in his native country of Japan.

There is a spiritual significance attached to the Akita; when a child is born in Japan, the proud family will usually receive a small statue of an Akita signifying health, happiness, and a long life.

At one time, Akita ownership was restricted to the Imperial family and the ruling aristocracy; caring & feeding of the Akita were detailed in elaborate ceremony and special leashes were used to denote the Akita’s rank and the standing of his owner.

Training & Temperament

They respond best to respectful commands and positive training techniques that rely on motivation rather than force. Akitas are not known to be an overly hyperactive breed, but they can both climb and dig, so a secure six foot fenced area is needed when confined outdoors. They need to be an integral part of their family’s household, not one that is mainly kept as an “outside dog.” An Akita’s exercise level is medium; therefore they will be happy with a good daily walk or jog. Most Akitas have powerful hunting instincts around other animals and should not run free. These big dogs are playful—downright silly at times—and love to romp. Above all else, they thrive on human companionship. Most will kennel and crate easily if trained as puppies. With their strong hunting instincts proper containment of an Akita should be exercised at all times.

Despite its large size, the Akita is extremely affectionate and is a wonderful family dog!

**PLEASE NOTE**Before deciding to purchase an Akita from us or any other breeder please visit this very in depth website on everything you need to know about the Akita Breed**


                                       Reference Dam-retired 2016 "The Poderoso Bailey" (Dam)



                               Reference Sire:  AKC Registered as "The Poderoso Zeus"