~ A little about our Family  ~

& the History of Poderoso

We are a small family farm in beautiful diverse Eastern Utah. We are located just a short drive from both the Colorado and Wyoming border.  We live on a 40 acre dry lot that has a large pond fed year round by artesian well water. Our lot has some terrain variety that we love for our horses, especially the foals. Our property has sandstone ledge rock, deep sand pockets, and a few steep rocky hills. The mares and foals also have to cross water to access drinking water. We purchased and moved our horses to this property in 2017. My parents, who also own some of Poderoso’s breeding stock put a home on the North side of the property in the fall of 2017. My husband and I built and completed our home on the South West side of the property in the fall of 2018. This property started out as a raw piece of land loaded with weeds, Russian olive trees and old rotted over grown fences. We have accomplished a lot in the short time we have owned our property and will continue to improve and develop it over the coming years. However, with our combined love and labor this property once again serves a purpose.


Poderoso’s History~

Poderoso began back in 2013 when my husband and I starting raising American Akita puppies. When searching for a name that described the Akita, I came across Poderoso. Poderoso is Spanish and means Powerful!  The Akita is a large, noble and powerful breed of dog with an intimidating presence. They were originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. They are also incredibly loyal and make wonderful family guard dogs. We began raising our first litter of Akita puppies in 2014. That same year we had sold all our Morgan geldings and began realizing my dream of raising horses. Our first purchase was our Morgan mare Hang N Storm Warning. A mare I had watched and loved since she first foaled. Two months later we imported our first Friesian Stallion Olivier R.S., a son of the very accomplished North American Stallion Mintse 384. Growing up on horses, I have had a deep rooted love for the Morgan horse since I was a young child. Starting with the purchase of his first Morgan mare in 1974, my grandad raised a few Morgan foals from his treasured Morgan mare April Love. He later purchased a beloved promising young Stallion L.C. Last Chance a son of the great Morgan Stallion Serendipity Aries B. Although he only raised a few foals and tragically lost his new stallion within a few years of ownership. My grandad has owned and enjoyed the versatile Morgan horse since the early 70’s. Being apart of my entire life, I naturally took after the love my grandfather has for the Morgan breed! I suppose you could say that “Morgan horses are simply in my blood”.  The Friesian horse is a breed of horse that I admired from afar from my early 20’s. I often dreamt of what it would be like to ride one of those magnificent black beauties. I also loved how traits of the Friesian reminded me of my beloved Morgan horses. I envisioned and dreamed of the day when I could own a Friesian, cross with the Morgan and create the exciting rather new Moriesian horse. That day indeed came and began in 2014 with just 2 horses our Morgan mare and our new imported Stallion. The name Poderoso was intended and used for our Akita breeding program and I never really intended for it to continue with the horses. However I never changed it and I began to register foals under Poderoso starting with our first foal crop in 2016. As mentioned the meaning of Poderoso being “Powerful” too describes the Morgan and Friesian horse. The Friesian being very powerful in their gait or rather “action”. The Morgan in the power they possess in stamina and their incredible endurance. Both the Morgan and Friesian are incredibly enjoyable breeds in their own rights and the Moriesian truly is the most beautifully blended cross of today. The Moriesian is most certainly the best of both worlds, and make for wonderful lifetime family partners in several avenues and disciplines. We are beyond grateful and incredibly blessed to be living this “dream” and taking this journey. We truly love raising and promoting the Morgan, Friesian and Moriesian Horse. We look forward to several more years of raising foals and look forward to the many friends we’ll make along the way.